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The western side and some tasty geysers

Spouty water and an expensive tunnel

overcast 8 °C

We stayed in Akureyri two nights ago, where we were amazed to find traffic lights and to not immediately be able to park. Ie this was an actual town. And a nice one with a good church (closed obviously).

The next night was in Borgarnes where we saw some fantastic waterfalls and stayed in the sort of timber clad room I had always imagined for a Scandinavian stay. Perched right on the bay and filled with some of the craziest Danes I´ve ever met (I´ve not met many but I think the superlative might hold for some time).

We went through a 5km tunnel to get to Laugarvatn and paid 800 krona (about four pounds) for the privilege. Tonight we have eaten a great four course dinner near the famous geysir, which spouted satisfyingly high and bubbled beautifully. I´m rather ashamed to have eaten carpaccio of minke whale as part of dinner. Bad me. I won´t do it again.

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Hot meals

The food of the gods

rain 5 °C

We have discovered that the travel guides do not go far enough in informing their readers of the potential for establishments to be closed in winter (from Oct 1st). It is a potential extremely high.

Today we walked across a load of snow to get to an angrily bubbling volcanic field. The signs implored us to stick to the paths and to avoid the dark coloured ground (it was all under the snow, both the good and the bad ground). If we were stupid enough to ignore these instructions, the signs then asserted 'You are here at your own risk'. Encouraging. We only fell down a fissure once.

We have failed to find restaurants and museums open, a lot. However, Iceland is awesome, beautiful and worth eating freeze dried noodles in the guesthouse kitchen for.

However, they seem to have no desire to have a winter tourist season, and if anyone is daft enough to come here then, they provide no signage or infrastructure of any kind to allow them to fend for themselves. The interpretation is also generally poor.

Icelandic for goodbye is 'bless' though, aww.

Laura Keating MA Mus. Stud.

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North East Iceland and Northern Lights

Heading up country has never been so nerve-wracking

sunny -3 °C
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We are now in Egilstadir, a small town on the east coast, and are heading to Husey for the night, where apparently many seals reside. Yesterday we saw a lake with loads of icebergs (Joe will no doubt be more exact about where, how and why) and there were seals there. I saw them with their small seal heads. Awesome.

Last night was spent in Hofn, where we had a meal in a cabin restaurant and saw NORTHERN LIGHTS! It consisted of a long green strip across the sky, with some less bright ones accompanying it. It was so cold that my nose was numb though. Yesterday morning it had snowed heavily when we woke up in Vik, so driving from Vik to Hofn was hard-going for a while.

We have also seen waterfalls with and without rainbows, glaciers, ice-caps, big waves (sea), black sandy beaches, fjords, drove through a mountain tunnel and today I drove over a fallen piece of rock which has buggered a hub cap.

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The outerwear of the Icelanders

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In this internet cafe one may drink Rooibosch, yay. Plus it's warmer than effing freezing in here and a flamingo hangs from a light fitting with tinsel round its jolly pink neck.

In Reykjavik thick hand knitted sweaters with a diamond pattern encircling the neck are all the rage, and I realise I have always wanted one.

At Heathrow, I saw Robert Kilroy Silk.

We have got a car from tomorrow and are going to drive around the island.

The snow boots are working out beautifully, despite presently there being no snow.

Also, it is beautiful and unspoilt here, and Reykjavik feels a little provincial (this is not bad though). It has the feeling of being a remote outpost in the Atlantic ocean. Wonder why that could be?

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Snow boots

The footwear of the gods

Our recent sustained two month stretch of dissertation-ness precipitated in Joe and I the strong desire to leave the country and rejuvenate, ideally in a place with one or more of: hot springs, geysers, steam, Icelandics (Icelanders?), snow, icebergs.

We deduced that Iceland fulfilled some of these criteria.

I have accordingly bought sensible warm clothing with hoods and waterproof soles (different items) and a return flight to Reykjavik.

A blog about Iceland should include the mention of Bjork and Magnus Magnusson. Luckily, this one does. So read on soon!

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